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Introducing Veni Infantino Ceremonia

veni-infantino-ceremonia Ceremonia, meaning ceremony, is an exciting new luxury occasion wear range from Veni Infantino. This exquisite occasion wear collections are perfect for any event. Whether you are looking for a classic tailored formal outfit, a more relaxed floaty dress for an intimate wedding, or maybe something modern and chic. There is a dress to suit everyone is this collection.

Wedding Guest Occasionwear

Q &A- What dresses suit each body type

what-dresses-for-what-body-typeFinding a mother of the bride or groom dress can be a harder task than first anticipated. From having to find something that fits with the venue and the dress code to helping the wedding party plan the wedding and keep everything together. It can be stressful! And on top of all that you want to find a dress that helps you looks and feel your best in your sons or daughters’ special day. 

Wedding Guest Mother of the Bride Occasionwear Mother of the Groom

Mother of the bride or groom dresses that will suit any themed wedding

VI Blog Cover (16)In recent years, weddings have become more unique, meaning that the theme have become bigger and more divers then ever. Black tie, boho, casual, outdoors, the list goes on. And with each theme comes a different style of outfits. It can be a mind field. So, to help narrow your search, we have made a list of the dresses which can fix the most popular themes.  

Wedding Guest Mother of the Bride Occasionwear Mother of the Groom

What’s trending: popular mother of the bride looks for Autumn/ Winter 2022 Weddings

VI Blog Cover (10)It’s not hard to see why these dresses are this season most popular. From fitted lace to beaded A-line to simple elegance. There is a dress for everyone’s style in the winter collections.  

Wedding Guest Mother of the Bride Occasionwear Mother of the Groom

Perfect Relaxed Mother of the Bride Look for 2022


VI Blog Cover (6)(2)There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at a wedding, especially when it’s your sons or daughter special day. Feeling pinched, pulled, squeezed, or restricted, when you’re trying in enjoying such an important day, is many mothers’ worst nightmare. Luckily these popular relaxed mothers of the brides’ dresses feel comfortable, and formal, perfect for any occasion.



Wedding Guest Mother of the Bride Mother of the Groom

Perfect Wedding Guest Outfits for 2022

VI Blog Cover (4)As a backlog of brides rush to the altar, 2022 looks set to be brimmed with weddings. If you’re a wedding guest who's attended very few, if any, nuptials over the past two years, you’re probably wondering what to wear and what wedding guest dresses are even available, so we decided to bring you our favourite wedding guest outfits for the 2022 wedding season. 

Wedding Guest Occasionwear

Pretty in Pink

VI Blog Cover (2)Pink is an easy-to-wear feminine colour which is delicate, calming and symbolises love, kindness, and friendship. Here are some of our pink outfits for this coming season…

Wedding Guest Mother of the Bride Occasionwear

Stylish Swing Skirts

VI Blog Cover (1)Swing A-line skirts are huge at the moment and this is all down to them being so flattering and easy to wear. Let us talk you through some of our favourite swing skirts of the season…

Wedding Guest Mother of the Bride Occasionwear
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