In recent years, weddings have become more unique, meaning that the theme have become bigger and more divers then ever. Black tie, boho, casual, outdoors, the list goes on. And with each theme comes a different style of outfits. It can be a mind field. So, to help narrow your search, we have made a list of the dresses which can fix the most popular themes.

Rustic weddings

29826_CHAMPAGNE_003 29826_CHAMPAGNE_017

In recent years the rustic wedding has grown and become a favourable theme in the wedding scene. The rustic wedding style refers to anything that's a bit rough around the edges or a bit more organic. These are normally styled in barns or on a farm.

Lace or floral dresses for the mother of the bride for a casual country wedding, are usually great fit for this setting. For an outdoor rustic wedding, more relaxed dresses with an A-line skirt are often desirable, as they feel more carefree and will suit the theme better.

We think that style 29826 which is a feminine floral off-the-shoulder chiffon print dress with pleated waist detail. Featuring long bishop sleeves and cross bodice detail, would be perfect for this outdoor rustic wedding and can come in an array of patterns to suit any colour scheme.

Black Tie Wedding

991921L_Silver(2) 991921L_LightGold(1)

For a winter or New Year wedding, a black-tie event has always been popular. The sophisticated style, with floor length dresses go hand in hand. It is favoured to wear darker colours as it looks classical and refined, however in recent years jewel tones, opulent prints and bright block colours are all great for black tie, so there’s no need to stick to neutrals, unless that’s your thing. Wear whatever you feel truly confident in.

We think that for a black-tie wedding 991921L with its long dramatic cape sleeves are ideal. The truly timeless regal dress, decorated with lace appliques, is a perfect blend of formal black-tie event with the elegance of a wedding guest.

Boho weddings

29662A_Fuxia-Naranja (3)(3) 29667_Coral-Ivory-Print (2)

For many brides wanting a spring wedding, the Boho theme is perfect. With floral decorations and earthly colours, boho wedding oozes a spring, and free flow.

Typically, boho mother of the bride dresses are filled with delicate lace. They are normally a feminine silhouette like A-line or fit and flare, to give free look. Colour ways the dress should be either floral prints or shades of pink, blue and green that evoke a natural feel within the style.

We think that for a boho wedding 29662A would be ideal, thanks to is earthly floral patterns and fully length A-line silhouette, this dress oozes boho glamour. Or 29667 for a shorter floral boho lace look with a sophisticated edge. Both of these dresses elevated the boho mother looks whist keeping to the free-flowing feel of this theme.

Whether the wedding in rustic, outdoors or black-tie, the main things that you must bear in mind is to be comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. There is always a dress to fit any theme or occasion.

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