One of the biggest events in the British calendar, the Chelsea Flower Show, showcases some of the most extravagant botanical display of the year. Displaying cutting-edge garden design and introducing the British public to new and creative plants

It really is the event which draws a truly global crowd and is the ‘haute- couture’ of the international gardening scene. With the best designers from Japan to New York show off their astonishing creations and fashion brands launch their latest collections at the trade stands. Its no wonder that our award-winning designer Veni Infantino  took inspiration for this phenomenal show in her latest collection. Showcasing bright colours, floral prints, and sophisticated designs, Veni wants to incorporate the vibrance of the flower show and the natural beaty into her dresses, bringing spring in winter.

To celebrate the botanical event, Veni has pick out some of her favourite dresses which she feels would be perfect to wear to the Chelsea Flower show. From bold 3D florals to sublet spring detail, Veni has picks a dress for every style to attend the biggest flower show of the Year.


29851_NAVY_BLUSH_008(1) 29851_NAVY_BLUSH_031(1)

This dress can only be described as botanical modern elegance. Truly inspirated by the iconic shows, this A-line crepe dress is drench is floral beaty with its bold print and rich spring colours. This gorgeous regal dress is detailed with a beaded waist and features an open panelled back tied bow, to bring an extra bit if femininity to the outfit. A perfect pick from Veni for the bolder visitor.


992118_IVORY_FLORAL_009 (1) 992118_IVORY_FLORAL_011 (1)

This simply elegant floral fitted dress, was made for the Chelsea Flower show. Featuring cropped bishop sleeves, wide square neckline, and cinched bow waist, perfect for the elegant event. The botanical lace appliques with light spring colours decorate the sleeves and hem of the dress, making it appear as if the flowers are growing up the dress. with a more sublet approach to them botanical theme, this dress is a great contender for any floral event.



Bold and vibrant, this pleated A-line dress has differently been inspired by the botanic timeless elegance id the Chelsea Flower Show. The chiffon dress features a pleated cinch waist and sheer bishop sleeves, for a sophisticated relax look and is perfect for all body shapes, with a light airy design, that doesn’t cling or restrict.  


992138_Shamrock 992138_NAVY_IVORY_019

Another sublet approach to the botanical theme of the Chelsea flower show.  This simple crepe dress can only be described as modern elegance. With its flattering cinched bodice, assented with roached rose detail on the waist. We can see why this was inspired by botanical beauty, whilst still staying with the classical Veni design.



992101A_CHAMPAGNE_ROSE_001 (1)(1) 992101A_CHAMPAGNE_ROSE_037(1)

Embody sophistication and glamour in this stunning printed rose two-in-one Jacquard dress. The pastel colours and hint of gold beautiful catches the light, and the flattering designs will suit all body types. Featuring a matching bow detailed cropped jacket, this dress can be ideal for indoor and outdoor events.

992146A and 992146B


A Truly signature Veni Infantino dress, which Veni herself has perfected in her latest addition. Sophistication and style is embodied in this beautiful botanical dress. Decorated with delicate 3D flowers and featuring the cropped bell sleeves, these dresses look like they have come right out of the heart of the Chelsea Flower Show.

It’s not hard to see how Veni found inspiration from one of the most iconic flowers shows of the season. With vibrant colour and botanical elements incorporated into every outfit. With such a stunning variety to choose from, there is a dress for everyone to wear to the Chelsea Flower Show from Veni’s picks. From the fashion forward to the timeless classics.

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