Finding a mother of the bride or groom dress can be a harder task than first anticipated. From having to find something that fits with the venue and the dress code to helping the wedding party plan the wedding and keep everything together. It can be stressful! And on top of all that you want to find a dress that helps you looks and feel your best in your sons or daughters’ special day. 

Ladies come in all shapes and sizes and are normally categorised into 5 groups. Apple, Pear, Inverted Triangle, Rectangular or Hourglass. And with each shape, comes a style of dress would be the most satisfying. Being able to identify your body shape is the first step to finding the most flattering fit in a dress. Style is not all about wearing the trendiest outfits or latest collections; it’s about highlighting the best features on your body. Whether this be a free-flowing A-line dress, a formal fit and flare or a classic jumpsuit. There is a dress for any occasion and every shape. To help you on your search to find the perfect dress, we have put together this guide to help you shop for that dreamy mother of the bride or groom dress!


992014_IVORY_NAVY_L_006(2) 992014_IVORY_NAVY_L_020(1)

Firstly, let’s talk about the hourglass figure. This body type is defined as curvy, with proportionate hips and bust. Individuals with this body type will have an upper body that is considered “balanced” with their leg length. Hourglass figures also have well-defined waists, and this asset should be accentuated by the dress you wear, as this give you a lovely curvy figure.

A classic wrap dress like 29826 or A-line dress with an enhanced waistline such as 29828 and 992013 will be perfect for an hourglass body type. Fit and flare dresses like 992037 or 991814L will also help in accentuating the waist and your natural figure. Avoid dresses which are too free flowing as they won’t be highlighting your waist and may look a little boxy. Also try to avoid ones with a high neckline as this can make you lose definition, instead try dresses with bold V-necklines, or scoops.

We think that 992014L has a sophistication and style are embodied in this beautiful full-length dress. From formal events to weddings, this dress is suited to any occasion. Beautiful floral lace appliques decorate the bodice, while the cap sleeves and stunning fitted asymmetrical skirt with accentuates the waist.


992004_MAGENTA_030 992015_NAVY_FUSCIA_059(1)

The pear or triangle shape figure is defined as having hips and bottom half wider than their shoulders and bust. This creates a curvy figure with a well-defined waist. The key to finding a perfect dress for a mother with a pear or triangle body type is enhancing the top of the body. Meaning that embellished top, with flowy sleeves and ruffles are a great choice and can help draw attention from the body to the waist and upper half.

Prints or brighter colours are also a great choice to go for like with styles 29839A. Dresses with thicker waistband, or belts can create a cinched in appearance and will make the waist look smaller. Timeless styles like 29840 with its beaded waist or 29838A.  Wider necklines like boat necklines and sweetheart necklines broaden the shoulders and allow for more even silhouette.

We think that 992004 with its exquisite asymmetrical cape sleeve and neckline ruffle detail. 992015 with its fitted beaded mesh neckline and sleeve and corset style floral bodice, creating a stunning illusion style silhouette.



The apple body shape, also known as the round figure, are known for a larger upper body than lower body with no defined waistline. This body shape has a slim waist and great legs but lacks definition from the hips up. This means you should try looking at dresses which can show was your gorgeous legs or arms. Or you can go with a more full-length type of dress to give you a long silhouette.

We suggest that you should try to wear a dress with a little more structure or rouching which will be able complement your figure and create a smaller waist line like 29832 or 29826. You can highlight your bust and legs, try showing off your arms with off-the-shoulder dresses like 29843 or try having a dress with more accentuate sleeves to balance our like 29607. Try to avoid fitted dresses or ones with horizontal lines, instead look for floatier, chiffon dresses.

We think that 992008A,B and C  are sophistication embodied in this beautiful floral printed dress with sweetheart neckline and structured waist. From formal events to weddings, this dress is perfect for any occasion. This stunning cap sleeve detail and front zip makes this a perfect style for the spring and summer wedding guest.

Inverted Triangle


The inverted triangle is the most athletic-looking body type. The shoulders are normally much broader than the hips. To help give a more in proportion look, you will need to be enhance arms and hips the as much as possible and try and give definition to your waist.

Dresses that put more definition on the hip’s bottom half, whilst creating a more defined waist and de-emphasising the upper body. Try softening the shoulder line with more draping, and weighty fabrics like in 992019, which has mesh and lased floaty cap sleeves or 992054 with its off the shoulder ruffle cap sleeves . We would also suggest avoiding dresses or jackets which has shoulder pads.

We would also suggest looking for dresses with a lighter or more emphasized skirts, which can balance out your silhouette. We love 29821B  for its sleek elegant design, with a lace illusion neckline. The graceful dress is decorated with lace appliques on the bodice and skirt creating the perfect silhouette, which draws in the waist and lengthens the legs.



992033_MAGENTA_PRINT_001 992033_MAGENTA_PRINT_026

Finally, let’s talk about the rectangle figure. This is usually well balanced from the shoulders to the hips. This means you may need to find dresses with a belt or sinched in waist to embellish your figure. we should suggest that you avoid silhouettes that are too vertical- like a straight jacket with straight trousers which will give you little definition.  Softer fabrics can help you, as they look great belted and can draw your eye into your “waist” like with 29822, which was a cross cinched fabric round the waist, making it appear smaller.

Try going for dresses which have high waist definition, which like an hourglass silhouette. Empire line dresses like 992035, princess seam dresses like 992048, and wrap dresses like 29667 are great choices for the rectangle body. A belt or band around the waist is a must-have and can change the shape of any dress like 29829A or 992018S

We think that 992033A is perfect for a rectangle figure, as it cinches in the waist and create a stunning silhouette. The Sophistication and style is embodied in this beautiful knee-length floral dress with unique overskirt detail, allowing the dress to appear to have an hourglass figure from the from and an A-line from the back.

So to conclude we say to wear what you want, and take the information above as a quick guild line, to find the perfect mother of the bride or groom dress, because the biggest part of wearing a dress is confidence and knowing what works for you.

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