With the new Autumn 2023 collection recently being released, our talented designer Veni Infantino has decided to share some of her favourites for the Autumn 2023 collection, and we are obsessed. Unlike the traditional colours of Autumn, being muted or dark colours, this year Veni has decided that vibrant bright colours are in. Shamrocks, magenta, florals, and prints are heavily featured in our new collection.

Veni has wanted to bring to colour of spring into autumn. She wants to cheer everyone up through the gloomier months of autumn with bright oranges, rich shamrocks, and vibrant prints. 

This in new collection Veni has also decided to feature some new fabric and style which have not been seen before in our occasion wear, which we are very excited about.  

Autumn can be the hardest time of the year to find a perfect dress for formal celebrations, as the weather and temperature can be so unpredictable, especially in the English climate. But Veni has thought of this too, including some chic, sophisticated jackets with her dresses for this new collection.

With so many amazing dresses to choose from in this new collection, Veni has carefully picked her favourite Mother of the bride and groom dresses to help.



992131B_PUNCH_001 992131B_PUNCH_023

Embodied by sophistication and glamour, it’s not hard to see why this is one of Veni favourite dress in her new collection. The gorgeous round neck, 3/4 length A-line dress, is detailed with shoulder pads and beautiful beading on the shoulders. This changed the silhouette of the dress and give the wearer an hourglass figure and the beading work look amazing in the light. This stunning dress is perfect for any occasion.



992104B_NAVY_SILVER_011 992104B_NAVY_SILVER_019

Another stunning choice from Veni, this gorgeous asymmetrical neckline A-line crepe dress, is timeless addition. The 3/4 sleeves and modern bow style bodice makes this dress perfect for any occasion. For added glamour this dress features a beaded belt and buckle to help chic the waist and looks lovely in the light.  



992101A_CHAMPAGNE_ROSE_001 (1) 992101A_CHAMPAGNE_ROSE_037

Veni has introduce a lot of two-in-one jacket dresses into the new collection and we can see why this is one of her favourites. Perfect for a late summer or early autumn event, this dress embodies sophistication and glamour, with its stunning two-in-one Jacquard print full length dress with matching bow detailed cropped jacket. Perfect for a both indoor and outdoor events and it even features pockets. 



992116_DARK_BLUE_006 (1) 992116_DARK_BLUE_020 (2)

Another extremely stylish jacket and dress combination. This chic boucle jacket embodies the classic Paris style and is not hard to see why it’s a Veni top pick. The showstopper of this outfit is the exquisite, elegant jacket. Detailed with stylish beading detail on the neckline and cuff. From formal events to weddings, this outfit is suited to any occasion. 



29880B_SHAMROCK_005 29880B_SHAMROCK_009

Vibrancy can definitely be seen in this regal dress. This timeless chiffon A-line dress is the perfect silhouette to suit all body types and is complemented with a dramatic asymmetrical shoulder drape detail makes this a unique choice for a mother of the bride or groom. Featuring beaded floral appliques, and beaded belt bring a touch as sparkle and glamour. 



29851_NAVY_BLUSH_008 29851_NAVY_BLUSH_026

Fun and flowy are to word to describe this stunning dress. Stepping away from the traditional colours and style of autumn, this floaty A-line floral print dress can only be described as botanical modern elegance. With a gorgeous regal floral print, beaded waist detail and open panelled back tied bow, this dress is can suit any season or occasion. Its not hard to see why Veni has picked this as one of her new favourites.  


29861A & 29861B  

29861A_FROST_005 29861B_SHAMROCK_001

For a modest and stylish mother of the bride or groom, these stunning calf-length dress with pleated skirt dresses are perfect. The stylish and popular bow neckline embodies sophisticated elegance.  For an extra bit of glamour these beautiful dress bows are detailed pearled buckle, or a buckled belt.


It’s not hard to see why this collection is one of our most vibrant and loved yet, with such a stunning variety to choose from, there is a dress for every and any occasion this Autumn. We think that there is a dress for everyone is these Veni’s picks, from the fashion forward to the timeless classics. To view more of our fabulous dresses, please visit Veni Infantino