Counterfeit Policy

We know that when you purchase a Veni Infantino gown, you expect high quality products and the very best customer service.

Our mission is to provide brides with the high standard they deserve, which includes caring about their being deceived by a counterfeited product of a much inferior value that doesn’t meet their desires or expectations. Counterfeit products are produced and sold with the intent to deceive consumers. We take counterfeiting very seriously. Our Veni Infantino Marketing Team works daily against counterfeiters, aiming to put an end to such illegal activities as soon as they come to our attention.

To ensure the gown you purchase is of a genuine nature, always check and find Veni Infantino authorized retailers within your area in the 'FIND A STORE' section of our website.

If you suspect that a store in your area, website or social media profile has engaged in unlawful activities against our trademark and you wish to report it, please contact us.

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