Spring weddings often evoke feelings of freshness, blooming flowers, and vibrant colours. Unlike winter weddings, spring ones allows mother of the bride and groom to adorn brighter, more eye-catching colours, which can be a great contrast to a crips ivory wedding dress. Orange, magenta, sky blue and greens always look amazing in spring as the warn atmosphere. Pastel shades and floral prints will always make us think of spring.

 When choosing what to wear to a spring wedding, you can't go wrong with either soft shade of pinkish orange, which was recently announced as the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024!

 Of course, don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to colour. Jewel tones, bright hues and rich fabrics equally appropriate options for dresses and suits. Ultimately, the world of wedding guest attire is your oyster. Just make sure to follow the recommended wedding dress code and skip the white (unless the couple asks otherwise), and you'll be ready to celebrate!

To help your choice the right one for you, consider the following spring-inspired colours which Veni herself has picked out for any new mother of the bride or groom to be:

  1. Pastel Shades:

Veni new spring 2024 collection is filled with some beautiful pastel colours. From soft gentle blushes (36024), to dreamy, powered blues (992222) and violets (36016). The gentle colours are perfect for a romantic and calm wedding. Pastels are the new black. Pastels dominated the runways at New York Bridal Fashion Week, and we are expecting them to be just as popular in the world of wedding guest attire this year.

36024_Blush_009 992222_Sky_Blue_027 36016_Lilac_004

           2.       Floral Prints:

Floral patterns have always been seen as the natural fit for spring weddings. Spring weddings present the perfect opportunity to break out your florals. Go bold with a dress featuring vibrant, oversized blooms, or subtle with micro-prints (992215) and (36012) for a touch of colour. Either way, you'll be totally in style for the season.

36012_Rose_Green_001 992215_Blossom_016

  1. Lavender:

A light and airy lavender can add a touch of elegance and complement the spring atmosphere. The pastel colour evokes a clean light touch of colour, perfect for the soft hues of spring. 36011 and 36016 and both perfect for an outdoor wedding thanks it’s there light fabric and flowy design.   


  1. Blue:

Light blues, especially sky blue (36004), can evoke a sense of tranquillity and are reminiscent of clear spring skies. The dreamy colour is always a welcome hue for a spring wedding. Not only for an extra ‘Something Blue’, but the colour is also very complimentary. Middle-of-the-road blues, like denim, cobalt and royal blue, are on our list as trending wedding colours for 2024. Blue is always a top wedding colour, and for 2024, the focus will shift to strong and saturated mid-spectrum blues that make a statement (36003) .

36004_Blue_Green_Print_016 36003_Navy_Royal_Print_020

        5. Peaches and Orange:

Peach (992223) is a warm and soft colour that complements the blooming flowers of the season. Whereas orange (992231) is a bold powerful colours that can really fill up a room. Both have made a huge statement this year and have become in the colour of 2024. In this new collection Veni has fully explored this amazing colour in both floral prints (992228) and bold designs (992225). Adding many bright orange colours with jackets, jumpsuits and more. The warn bright colour is perfect in the warm summer glow.  

992225_Orange_057 992223A_Coral_002

When selecting a colour, it's also essential to consider the overall theme and colour scheme of the wedding but don’t be afraid to explore. Additionally, the mother of the bride should feel comfortable and confident in her chosen outfit. Ultimately, the goal is to choose a colour that aligns with the spring season and complements the wedding's aesthetic while making you as the mother of the bride or groom feel beautiful and confident.

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