You may be wondering who is Veni Infantino? Look no further we’ve got all the answers to your questions about our fabulous mother of the bride dress designer after which our collection is named.

Designer Veni Infantino stood with models wearing Veni Infantino mother of the bride outfits in London hotel

Veni Infantino was born in the UK, but has Sicilian heritage. Having worked her way up through the fashion design industry working for several fashion houses in which she gained design experience and a deep understanding of the fashion industry Veni launched a label of her own to showcase her unique fashion design talent. 

During her years working in the industry Veni has nurtured and developed a distinctive signature style through her creation of dresses to suit every occasion. She is very passionate and prides herself on creating designs that she knows women will really love and enjoy wearing. This includes creating silhouettes for all body shapes that are comfortable yet stylish and will empower a sense of confidence in their wearers.

Veni describes her style as sophisticated, stylish, and feminine; qualities that are embodied in each of her designs. Her signature accents include striking sleeves (such as style 991856 and 991876L), fabulous necklines (such as 991873 and 991841S) and elegant embellishment  (as seen in 991858A and 991868B) all of which help to create an outfit which will be timeless for years to come.

Her collections are home to everything from classic tailored mother of the bride or groom looks with sophisticated matching jackets (991847A, 991851 and 991854A) to more relaxed occasion wear styles that make the perfect wedding guest outfit, race day look or even captain’s dinner table invitee.

Designer adjusting the earrings of blonde model wearing green special occasion fitted knee length dress with matching occasion fascinator Fashion designer putting the final touches to model's pink knee length a-line dress with illusion neckline with beading detail

Veni’s Values


Veni Infantino designs can only be found in independent boutiques who are meticulously chosen based on their customer services and reputation to ensure excellent styling advice, matching accessories and alterations advice where necessary.


Veni prides herself on her garments fantastic fit and cutting-edge trends. She spends hours sketching, researching and picking colours and fabrics to ensure the wearer is always fashionable, on-trend and ahead of the curve.


Veni Infantino garments are always of the highest quality. Veni personally visits all of our producers to ensure high standards are met throughout the production process. In-house Veni is always busy with models and real women ensuring not only do they look great but feel great in fantastic fitting clothes that are wearable and comfortable all day long.


Simply put, Veni loves what she does! Her motto is “If you find a job you love you never have to do a days’ work in your life” – and if you’ve met Veni you will know how much she loves being a fashion designer.

Veni’s Top picks

Now you’ve got to know our fabulous designer a little better you might be wondering what her top picks are from the latest collection. We caught up with Veni to get her take on this season’s hottest trends.

Woman sat leaning against vintage orange car wearing jade green and blue special occasion dress with 3D floral detail Woman stood next to orange vintage car outside house wearing special occasion a-line jade green dress with high neckline, fluted sleeves and unique 3D floral details

Veni’s first pick is the exquisite style 991875 a fabulous floral lace dress with distinctive flited sleeves and floral appliques in a bright jade shade. For Veni the colours and silhouette of this dress make it a shining star in the collection. She describes it as a “unique blend of boho meets fashionista- and very fun”.

Woman leaning against vintage car wearing special occasion turquoise dress with high neck and pussy bow detail with matching occasion fascinator head accessory Blonde lady standing outside house next to vintage car wearing occasion a-line dress with high neck and long sleeves with sparkle heeled shoes and matching fascinator hat

Veni’s second pick is from her Invitations collection of more relaxed styles. 29678 is a stunning, demure pleated chiffon dress with statement blouson sleeves and a very fashion-forward pussy bow neckline. This style is great combination of femininity and fun and Veni describes it as “perfect for the elegant fashionista who wants to cover up without hiding her personality”.

Woman stood outside in garden next to greenery and plants were special occasion hi-low dress with bateau neckline and floral embroidery detail Close up image of blonde lady wearing navy blue occasion dress with bateau neckline and 3/4 length sleeves with statement drop earrings and matching special occasion fascinator hat

The final pick is the more traditional mother of the bride style 991888. An elegant hi-low dress with satin trim, floral embroidery, and a modest bateau neckline. Veni describes this style as “simply stunning” and we couldn’t agree more.

You can view the full Veni Infantino collection on our website.

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