Take a look at these statement dresses for the mother of the bride who wants to stay ahead of fashion and wants to make a statement. These are the dresses for the mother who don’t want to become a wallflower and stay in the background!  


 991842_Vintage Rose(1) 991842_Blissful-Blue

Style 991842 is a sophisticated crepe knee length dress with gorgeous asymmetrical neckline, perfect for the modern mother of the bride, or groom. Contrasting detail on the shoulder and embellished waist draping creates the flawless statement piece any mother would approve of. The small, beading detail on the waist add a little bit of glam to the stunning look.


991875_Jade (3)(4) 991875_Jade(3)

For the fun mum who wants to stand out and make a big entrance, Style 991875 is the perfect dress. This feminine, fun floral lace dress oozes stylish elegance. Be sure to stand out with this full-length jade-coloured dress complete with fluted sleeve detailing and vibrant lace floral touches. It’s a perfect head turner, so those who want to stand out in the crowed.


991856_Turq 991856_Petal (2)(1)

Style 991856 is a captivating knee-length dress thanks to its long asymmetrical drape sleeves and floral shoulder detailing, which adds an extra bit of feminine sophistication to this showstopping look. The silhouette is perfect for those mothers who want to stay in the modern eye. The delicate beaded belt gives an extra element to this decadent dress.


29670_Teal 29670_Coral(2)

If you are seeking a truly show stopping dress, look no further then Style 29670. This one shoulder dress is a true statement thanks to the distinctive asymmetrical ruffled neckline.  For the mother who wants all the glamour without the sparkle or shine. This below the knee length dress comes in an array of colours.


29666L_Magenta 29666L_Coral(1) 


Pure sophistication and style can be found in this statement piece. Style 29666L is perfect for the mothers who want simplicity which can still stand out. A stunning one shoulder full length dress with waistband and wide blouson sleeve. This below the long length dress comes in an array of colours.


29671_Navy (2) 29671_Mint

For a mother who really wants to stand out, style 29671 is definitely the right pick. The beautiful chiffon jumpsuit with beaded belt detail and attached distinctive cape is perfect for any mother who wants to be ahead of the times. For a little bit of extra flare, a delicate beaded belt, to really bring some sparkle to an exquisite look

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