The Mother of the Bride’s or Grooms’ outfit is becoming ever more complicated in an age where traditional rules of wedding attire are being turned on their heads. If you’re the mother of the bride or groom, don’t worry anymore! Here are some great tips questions asked by past mother which will hopefully help in in finding the perfect outfit, without all the stress.


How long should I wait before looking for my outfit?

We recommend that you start looking as soon as possible but bear in mind that you should ask the bride what the theme and colour scheme of the wedding might be as you don’t want to clash. We recommend is possible leaving at least 6-8 months before the wedding to start looking for an outfit. This will give you enough time to make alterations if need be. This will make the whole experiences a lot less stressful and will guarantee that you will have a dress in time and will be looking your best and feeling confident on such a special day.


How many collections do you release a year?

We released 2 stunning collections a year. Our Spring Summer collection and our Autumn Winter collection. To keep up to date without latest collection we suggest following our social media, as we release new information and sneak peeks every day.


What sizes do you offer?

All of our dresses can range from a size 6-24 depending on stockist. We suggest contact our stockist or messaging us to find out more.


As the mother of Bride or Groom, do I have to wear a dress?

29805_B_SALMON_002 991936_Navy

 There is nothing in the rule book about what a mother of the bride or groom can or can not wear. For some mother a stunning dress allows them to feel comfortable and confident on the child’s special day, for other, a dress can be a daunting choice. But there is nothing saying you have to wear a dress. Jumpsuits and trouser suits have become ever popular. Not only are they seen as stylish and comfortable, but they also allow you to show off your personal style.

We love style 29805B for a spring or summer wedding. The contemporary, floaty chiffon jumpsuit, with elegant, pleated detail and a high neck with bow is perfect for a fashionable mother and comes in a gorgeous array of colours.

For a winter jumpsuit look, we suggest 991936. A sophisticated and stylish jumpsuit ideal for a modern mother.  With faux fur collar, cuff, and muffle hand warmer, this is the perfect timeless jumpsuit for a winter wedding.


How do I find a stockist?

You will be able to find our stockist on our store finder page on the Veni Infantino website


What colours should the mother of the Bride or Groom wear?

Colours can be a bit of a tricky one. The main suggestion we have is to take cues from the wedding party. Traditionally, the mother of the bride's or groom dress should complement the wedding party's colours. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to match, just complement.


Should I match the bridesmaids’ colours

992060_SILVER_IVORY_006 992031_PINK_IVORY_007(1)

It might be best wait until your daughter chooses the bridesmaids' dresses or at least the colour scheme before you begin shopping. This way the bridal party can all have a similar colour theme, which ties into the wedding. However, if you cannot wait or you have found the dress which you think would be perfect, just consult your daughter first.

In recent years pastels, taupe’s and ivory has become more popular. We would just suggest asking the bride before trying these colours, as you don’t want to clash with her dress, but recently brides have started to branch out to more colour wedding dresses, allowing mothers to wear lighter and brighter colour ways, like 992060 in silver/ivory and 992031 in dusty pink/ivory.


If I see a dress I like on your website, how can I purchase it and what are the prices?

As we are the wholesaler, you can’t buy from us directly, but you can find one of our many stockists on our store finder. You can also enquire about prices and sizes. If you cannot find a stockist who has the dress, then please email


Should I buy the dress or accessories first?

We would suggest that you buy the dress before accessories. This is because is it such easier to make a hat or shoes suit a dress, rather than the other way round. Depending on how the dress looks and the theme of the wedding, an accessory can dress up and dress down accordingly. We would recommend taking a photo of the dress or if you can a swatch of the fabric, taking that then buying your accessories. This may you can make sort everything will go.    

If you’d like to view more of our dresses, you can browse the whole collection here.

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