29671_Navy (2)(1) 991872_Navy (2)(1) 

For a powerful statement colour which is flattering for any body shape or silhouette it would have to be Navy. Navy has always been a staple of our collection and has not disappointed yet. This powerful yet subtle colour has always been a favourite for our mother of the brides, especially for Autumn and Winter.

For the mother who wants to stand out in elegance, this colour is perfect. Dresses like 29671, where the navy is striking or 991872 where the dress has elevated in navy, creating a beautiful silhouette. 29602 looks and feels like it was made for the navy and 29510 is gorgeous in navy.


29652_Emerald(1) 29673_Forest-Green (2)(1)

However, if navy isn’t what you want for those winter weddings, then why not try Green. This beautiful colour has quickly been taking the occasional wear by storm. Whether it’s the rich dark forest green or the regal emerald, this colour is perfect for any mother wanting to try a new Autumn colour.

Green had always been a very flattering colour and is known for bring out anyone’s eye colour and flattering skin tone. Style 29652 looks like gorgeous in emerald, making the dress look like its dripping in jewels. 29673 looks like it was made for the beautiful forest green and is made for the mother who want more earthy tone. Its not surprising that green is taking the lead of one of our favourite’s colours for Autumn and Winter 2022.


991849_Lavender-Ivory (2)(1) 29663_Lemon (2)

If your looks more toward the summer colours, then look no further than our decadent Pastel collections. Lavender, Lemon, and Pale Blue are all perfect for that summer wedding in a garden or surrounded by flowers. The soft colours create a gentle, sweet look and are perfect for those summer months when the suns out.

Dresses like 991849 look beautiful in Lavender and really bring this stunning dress into Spring. Looking for a lighter colour why not try our stunning 29663 in lemon. This charming pastel dress looks amazing in the summer month and is perfect for the braver mothers.

Pink and Blush

991831_Magenta 991876L_Magenta (2)(3) 991844B_Dusty-Rose

Pinks and Blush have always been a Veni Infantino favourite and its not hard to see why. These wonderful colours are beautiful on any mother and suit any style. A staple of any dress with a feminine flare, pinks and blush are elegant and refined.

Styles 991831 and 991876L look like they have been made for the pink and have been elevated by this elegant colour. Perfect for any time of the year, these dresses ooze feminine elegance. If a subtle pink takes more of a fancy, why not try 991844B which looks exquisite in blush.

All these colours are truly lovely and will suit any proud mother on their son’s or daughter special day.  

We hope this gives you some ideas of what colours to try on when it comes to your child’s special day. Don't forget to view our full collections and visit our stockist page.